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Nothing is scarier than being in trouble with the law. It was a sunny Spring afternoon as my husband drove us to my parent's house last Mothers Day. We had the windows down and oldies on the radio as we crossed the Chattahoochee in his pickup truck.   

All of a sudden, flashing lights came on behind us. We pulled over in a little parking lot that just happened to be where I bought my wedding dress three years before. When the officer came around and asked for IDs, I thought surely he'd give us a warning about something inconsequential - maybe a missing tail light or some old leaves flying out of the truck bed. Instead, he got my husband out of the vehicle, handcuffed him, and said he was under arrest. We had no idea what was going on. What were the charges? Could he have done something? Can you get arrested for forgetting to pay the water bill on time?  

Thankfully, I was in the car with him to at least know he was being taken to a municipal jail nearby. But even as an attorney - a defense attorney at that - there wasn't anything I could do to stop it. In the days following, we found out it had been a mistake and eventually got him released, but I'll never forget that soul-crushing feeling of powerlessness.  

As a result, I've devoted my practice to fixing people's problems with the law. For each of my clients, I make sure you understand every step in the process while I resolve your legal problems as soon as possible. This gives you back your control in a system designed to take it away.  Through my knowledge of criminal and immigration law, I find relief for my clients, whether documented or not. 

I represent those accused of violating the law -  from defending  criminal allegations of every variation to fighting to seal and clean your record.

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Areas of Practice

TRAFFIC & Criminal defense

Defending those accused of crimes in Municipal, State, and Superior Courts, including DUIs, drug possession, underage possession, and disorderly conduct; traffic offenses, including for those with a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) and accident violations; ordinance violations and theft; probation violations; preliminary hearings and bond hearings.


Defending undocumented immigrants accused of traffic, ordinance, and misdemeanor violations including, among other things, allegations of speeding, driving without a license, driving without registration, or driving without insurance, failure to appear, and probation revocations.


Fighting to clear your criminal record through record restriction (expungement), GCIC GA criminal history corrections, Retroactive First Offender, sealing records, clear private background checks, online mugshot removal.

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